At Bahçeşehir Educational Institutions, we see education as a journey that extends from the kindergarten to university. Our students, in anticipation of a bright and happy future, are prepared on this educational journey as they acquire the creative, problem-solving and character-building skills that will help them in meeting and succeeding in the challenges they face.

We aim to equip students with the general cultural knowlege, foreign language instruction and opportunities to participate in sporting and artistic activities at the highest level.

We pioneered the 'Preparing for Bahçeşehir Schools' admissions evaluation test, the first such test of its kind to be applied in Turkey, in conjunction with leading Turkish academics as way of providing essential qualitative information to parents enrolling their children in first grade with respect to the recent educational reforms in Turkey that require all infants to commence their primary schooling one year early than previously was the case.

Since 2007, we have been proud to apply our personalised Educational Model in both pre-school and primary schools: This model developed under the guidance of Brown University Pedagogical Development Expert Professor Dr. Cynthia Garcia Coll, we have been able to enhance the classroom environments incorportating study areas for individualised learning activities in science, art, drama and mathematics lessons through extensive use of our 'learning corners'-specially designed learning areas. We have spent the last summer endeavouring to adapt ourselves to the latest comprehensive educational reforms in Turkey, and opened a class to aid the adaptation of those students who have crossed the 60-month threshold for starting primary education as stipulated by the new education law. The process has been faciliated by the opening of 'summer schools' for children due to start primary education in the fall of 2012, and the presentation of a series of seminars entitled 'My Child is Starting School' planned and presented by a group of experts from the Universities of Bahçeşehir, New York and Virginia. Under the supervision of these academics, a special curriculum for 5 year olds was developed and intensive in-house training was provided to teachers who will implement the changes involved.

We are also the first institution to open a science and technology high school. At this school, located on our Istanbul, Bahçeşehir campus, 100% of our students receive full scholarships. For the last five years, our school has enjoyed the distinction of requirng the highest grades for entry from the nationally administered high-school entry examinations among all institutions naturally. A large number of our students have also been admitted to prestigious international universities including MIT, Yale, British Columbia and Stanford, all on full scholarships. Our students have also received a dazzling collection of medals from international science and mathematic olympiads as well as from robotics competitions. At the LYS university entrance exam, our students were placed in the highest top rankings including first-placed finishes for Foreign language.

At all our campuses, our successes at SBS and LYS examinations (the nationally-administered tests for entrance to high schools and universities respectively) stands at 100%; this means, that all of our high school students win entry to university. We also enjoy the position of being the top school at the SBS high-school entrance examination with the top student nationally from the last three years coming from our school, and with eight of our students placed in the top 100. Last year, 18 of our students shared top ranking in the 8th class examination for the SBS examination. All of these successes are an indication of the quality of the education that our school provides.

With our Science Museum for Chuldren opened on the grounds of our school campuses and with special focus on the 3-15 age group, we realized another first for Turkey. Through a series of fun activities, children from their very youngest years can gain an understanding of basic scientific principles that govern their lives. Students learn by seeing and participating in real activities at learning stations positioned all around the museum. Our museums are open to the public and visits may be arranged on an appointment basis.

In addition to our scientific museums, we also aim to open museums based around social-science concepts. Our central aim is to transform each area of our campuses into an interactive learning area.

This year we have opened seven new schools with the addition of campuses in Izmir, kayseri, Mardin, Batman, Edirne, Tokat and Bursa. We currently provide education at a total of 85 locations which include: 27 primary, 42 kindergarten and 16 high schools.

We have accelerated our investments within the framework of the educational program entitled: "Quality Education is the Right of every Child" with special focus paid to the situation of education in the east of our country. It has been a source of pride and satisfaction that we have been able to provide education at our campuses at the campuses of Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Van and more recently at those of Mardin and Batman that is of the same high standard as those offered at our schools elsewhere in the country.

We also endeavour to open the hoırizons of our students through our cooperation with foreign educational consultant, ISE and our affiliated international institutions.

At the Bahçeşehir College Campus opened in Switzerland, our students against the unparalleled backdrop of the picturesque Alpine Mountains, were able to participate both in sporting, artistic and academic activities as well as see at first hand the locations where the famous Lausanne and Montreux international treaties were sign. In addition, our students gained the opportunity to watch cheese and chocolate being made at factories, and participate in sightseeing visits to places of cultural interest and histotical city centres. This year, students from Bahçeşehir High School, took part in the United Narions International School organised by UNIS and held at the UN Building in (New York), an event to which 800 students applied and only 12 were accepted. At this event, our students addressed the US assembly and the world from the speakers rostrum and won the respect of their fellow students and citizens.

At the campuses to be opened this year in Berlin and Silicon Valley, our students will also be able to take advantage of opportunities offered or develop their own projects whether in the disciplines of language education or artistic education in the case of the Berlin campus, or science, technology and IT in that of Silicon Valley.

In the new millenium, in view of the educational principle of 'Turning toward the West on the path set out by Atatürk that has so influenced all our endeavours, we aim to increase the number of our schools in Turkey offering the same high quality of education to 150 within three years, and through this process of expansion, intend to have opened 350 schools on three continents by 2023, so establishing ourselves as one of the largest, most successful and most respected educational institutions.

We hope to be able to share our future successes and achievements with you in the future.

Enver Yücel
Chairman of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions

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